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​President and CEO



~ Design for all industries ~

Our company advocates the idea of "THE NO BORDER"

Primary / secondary / tertiary industry, and sixth industry

For all industries

I think design is necessary

Learn the traditions of each industry and affirm the present era

Providing a unique design that is innovative and unified.

In all businesses such as various products and stores 

The beauty of appearance and ease of use are the biggest gains in popularity

It ’s one of the secrets.

In design, packaging, web production, video production

We provide our customers with a top experience.

Toshiki Sato

​Kei Sasaki

Coming Soon ...

Company information
  FIELD FACT Co., Ltd.

Corporate number 9410001013018 
47-1 Nakakawara, Fukabori, Yuzawa City 012-0051
Established on November 12, 2021
Representative Director Shin Handa

"Innovative creative business"

・ Branding advisory contract

・ Various designs

・ Web creation, EC site creation

・ Various video production (pv and mv)

* YouTube channel management

·space design

・ Various product development

――Providing a one-stop creative part ――


"Package material business"

・ Sales and delivery of general materials

・ Original package production

・ Sales and installation of kitchen equipment

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